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We are living in an era where technology is in the hands of toddlers, youngsters cannot live without it and the seniors who had not been exposed to internet are putting efforts to tame this digital beast or at least trying to get along with the smartphones & using them to their full potentials.

Despite being ocean of knowledge internet doesn’t come along with an operating manual. Needless to say this causes many of the internet users fall in the trap of online scams which result in stolen identities, data theft, monetary losses and unimaginable mental stress.

Then there are aspiring security professionals who want to understand various security concepts so that they could capture the knowledge, deploy it at workplace and contribute in making internet a safe space for everyone.

Security Perspective aims to support all types of users – the ones who want to protect themselves and the ones who want to enhance their cyber security expertise. For the advanced cyber security professionals, business leaders and CxOs this blog also publishes various cyber security strategies, researches, solutions and ideas.

Feel free to drop a comment, if you want any topics to be explained, researched or advisories for increasing security resiliency.

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